The Benefits Of Hiring A Homecare Aide

The Benefits Of Hiring A Homecare AideMany seniors today do not need placement in skilled nursing facilities.  When a senior is able to remain in his own home, growing older can be a happier, healthier experience.  However, most elderly persons need some degree of assistance and supervision.  Hiring a home care aide can be the ideal solution.

One category of tasks a home care aide can perform is known as Activities of Daily Living.  ADLs are the senior’s daily self-care routines.  They include such activities as eating, dressing, bladder and bowel management, washing or bathing, personal grooming, caring for personal devices, and mobility.  The home care aide will assist with any or all of these tasks, depending on the senior’s needs.

A second category of tasks is known as IADL, or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.  An aide may assist a senior with shopping and other errands.  While a home care aide rarely performs heavy housework, aides are generally expected to do light housework.  It is the aide’s responsibility to make sure the senior’s home is neat, clean, and safe.  This can include keeping the home free from debris, and light chores such as dusting and vacuuming.

The aide will prepare and serve meals when she is on duty at mealtime.  She will ensure the senior has nutritious meals, present meals in an appetizing manner, and encourage the senior to eat properly.  If the senior has been placed on a special diet by his or her physician, or has any dietary restrictions, the aide will follow these instructions.

Home care aides help seniors be, and feel, independent.  This factor is very important for an elderly person’s sense of well-being.  The more an elderly person can continue to do, the better he or she will feel.  The aide can also remind the senior when it is time to exercise or take medication.

Depending on a senior’s needs and preferences, the aide may take him on outings.  Whether the senior can walk with assistance or needs to use a wheelchair, he can benefit from an aide taking him to the park or to a senior citizen center where he can visit with others in his age group.  Whether the goal is fresh air and moderate exercise or meeting other people, an aide can ensure he not spend all of his time at home.  Leaving his house occasionally can result in better health, and an overall sense of well-being.  The aide will make sure he is dressed appropriately for the weather, and that he is safe during his trips away from home.

Aides keep records of the senior’s progress for the supervising nurse or physician.  In many cases, aides also communicate with seniors’ families.  People who hire home care aides for their elderly loved ones should expect the aides to take their concerns seriously, and provide up-to-date information about their loved one’s progress.

Another important task of an aide is providing companionship to elderly persons.  Even if a senior is otherwise healthy, isolation and loneliness can be detrimental to his health.  While each elderly person is unique, companionship is essential.  The aide may be the only person he has to talk to, so she needs to be a good listener.  The senior needs to feel he is a valuable, worthwhile human being.  In some instances, aides read to seniors, sing, tell stories, or play games.  These activities are useful to a senior’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

For today’s elderly aging in place is an opportunity to live life to its fullest.  However, even healthy seniors can be frail, have poor eyesight, and slower reflexes.  It is rare for seniors to be completely safe without assistance.

Non-medical aides do not perform skilled nursing services.  The duties they do perform can enrich an elderly person’s life.  When a senior has someone keeping his house clean and tidy, making sure he eats healthy meals on a regular basis, and assists with his daily activities, he can be safe in his own home in his golden years.

This assistance does not mean taking away his sense of independence.  Home care aides who have completed training programs know how to help without taking over.  Regardless of the senior’s age or health, he can continue to feel independent.  Families can feel confident and secure knowing their loved ones are being cared for, and seniors can be happier in their later stages of life.

Boca Home Care Services has been matching seniors of Delray Beach with screened, trained and certified nursing assistants and home care aides since 1998. All aides that are referred by us are experienced, trained and licensed, and their goal is to help keep their clients happy and safe in their friendly home environment. We have vast experience in matching the correct caregiver to the specific client. In addition to home care and nursing aides, we can refer occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists, should the need exist.

All of our caregivers go through an extensive screening process before being assigned to clients. This screening consists of verification of auto and liability insurance, primary skill certifications, Florida state certifications, CPR certification, physical exams, and an FBI criminal background check – so you can rest assured that your parent or other loved one is safe in their hands.

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