Providing Care For Elderly Parents

Providing Care For Elderly ParentsAs elderly parents begin to need more care and assistance, it is the children who are called in for help. Can the parent remain in their own home, should they be moved to a care facility, or is it best to move them in with you?

The children of elderly parents are finding themselves becoming caregivers as health conditions worsen and bones become frail. We worry about their safety should they fall and wondering how much care to provide become increasingly important over time.

Caring for an aging parent can interfere with the other obligations that the children carry. Wondering if they will be able to deal with the additional responsibilities and still make a living and care for their own children, middle-aged people, often called the sandwich generation, find themselves in a major dilemma.

First time caregivers are frequently overwhelmed. Managing complicated physical and emotional needs takes its toll. Needing help, but not knowing where to turn, many children become burned out as they try to do the right thing for their aging parents. For residents of Delray Beach, Boca Home Care Services can help.

It isn’t uncommon for the need for care to come on suddenly. A simple fall can lead to a prolonged hospitalization. Broken hips become increasingly common with older aged individuals and additional care is often required when they are released from the hospital.

Sometimes the warning signs have been evident for many years. Parents with developing problems may begin to experience weight loss, wander off in the middle of the day and not be able to find their way home, or become increasingly reclusive with limited necessary social interactions. Any of these incidents should sent a clear signal to their children that it is time for their elderly parents to receive extra care.

Many of today’s families are spread out all over the countryside. This makes caring for your aging parents an even more difficult task. Since most people have very little idea how to care for the elderly, the distance compounds the problem. Even though there are many facilities and services available within the area, it can be difficult to locate the right one.

There are options. Many people move their parents into either an assisted living facility or a nursing home. However, for many, the best choice is to remain in the familiar comfort of home as long as possible.

Home care goes by many names: home health care, at home care, or in home care, are just three ways to describe it. This service works to create a plan so that older people can safely remain in their own homes while receiving the services they require to keep them healthy and happy.

Home health care doesn’t have to be permanent. Many use it during a period of recovery from an injury, illness, or surgery. Children may use it during the times that they cannot be there with their parents.

Home health care can also be established as a long term plan. Workers can arrive to help with the daily activities necessary. They can do the shopping, prepare meals, help with bathing, and do the household chores that still need to be done even though your parent is no longer capable of doing them on their own.

At Boca Home Care Services for Delray Beach, we understand that giving care to an elderly parent is a very large task. Working with you and the doctors, our staff makes a plan to keep your parents safe and healthy within their own home. Knowing that your parents are safe and well cared for and not having to do everything on your own will significantly reduce the stresses in your life.

Contact us for a free consultation. Our nurses are available at 561-989-0611 or toll free at 877-706-0785. We will work with you to find the best possible care for your parents. They took care of you. Let us help you take care of them.