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Home Health Care Services Offered By Medicare

Boca Home Care is a certified Medicare Home Care provider for Delray Beach, Florida.

Home Health Care involves skilled nursing care along with other kinds of health care services that are provided to you at home to treat an injury or illness.

One service that Medicare offered to senior citizens is Home Health Care.  The services must be qualified for by Medicare recipients.  Also, the individual’s specialty care physician or primary care physician must recommend the services for the person.

Medicare recipients who think they migh

Home Health Care Services Offered By Medicare

t need the home care offered by Medicare need to make sure they qualify for Medicare’s home health services.  The services do not involve chore worker service or general personal care.  Instead, the home care offered by Medicare covers specifically defined and limited at-home care that relates to medical conditions that have been diagnosed.  Sometimes personal care services are included.

A physician has to prescribe the home health services from Medicare.  The services must also be provided by a home health agency that is licensed.  The recipient must have one or more medical conditions requiring the periodic services of a therapist or skilled nurse.  A care plan is created that describes what specific services are covered.  Coverage and eligibility are strictly evaluated.  That is why it is so important that the patients care needs and conditions are fully disclosed.

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How Will I Know If I Am Qualified for Home Health Care from Medicare?

An elderly individual frequently needs help after they have been discharged from in-patient rehabilitation or a stay in the hospital.  The person’s doctor, sometimes in conjunction with the patient and family members, determine whether or not in-home health care is needed.  If so, paperwork is completed that prescribes home health care for the patient.

Other common situations where home health care may be needed is when an elderly person experiences slow physical decline and where the decline makes the individual be unable to care for themselves every day.  However, they don’t need to go to a nursing room.  In this kind of circumstance, home health care may be recommended by the physician for only the tasks that the senior can’t perform on his or her own.

There are four conditions that have to be met in order for home health services to be prescribed as well as covered by Medicare.

  1. The physician must decided that medical care is needed in the home.  A care plan for home must be made.
  2. The patient needs at least one of these: intermittent (as opposed to full time) skilled physical therapy, skilled nursing care of services from a speech-language pathologist.  Or there is a need to continue occupational therapy.
  3. The person needs to be home bound or unable to leave the house without it taking a considerable amount of effort.  The individual can leave the house for medical care or infrequence, short absences for reasons that are non-medical.
  4. The home health agency providing the care has to be certified or approved by Medicare.  If you or someone you love needs information regarding Home Health Benefits from Medicare, call us at 561-989-0441 to receive a free consultation from us.

What Is Included In Medicare’s Home Health Care Services?

Included in Medicare’s home health care services are skilled nursing care in addition to other forms of skilled care services, like;

  • Home Health Aide Medical Social Worker
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nursing Care

These services are covered by Medicare as long as the patient is eligible and the physician says they are needed.  Please note: home heath aide and skilled nursing are covered on an intermittent or part time basis.  It isn’t required that therapy services be intermittent.  The Medicare benefit for Home Health also covers: some medical supplies used for wound care and durable medical equipment.  However, prescription medications are not covered.  Certain injectible osteoporosis drugs  that are FDA approved might be covered.

Various professionals from home health care agencies provide these services.  The nursing staff of the home health care agency helps to coordinate and provide the care or therapy ordered by the doctor.  The nursing staff from the home health agency comes up with a care plan that supports the doctor’s orders.  This plan is a written care plan.  It details which services will be included to help the patient reach and maintain their best social, mental and physical well being.

The patient has the right to participate in the planning of the treatment and care they will be receiving.  The nursing staff at the home health care agency keeps the doctor informed on how the patient is doing.  The care plan is updated when necessary.

Doctors orders for the patient’s care cannot be changed by a home health care agency without the doctor’s permission and knowledge.  Because more and more treatments an be performed at home now instead of having to have them done at a nursing home or hospital, most people do prefer to heal at home.  Home health care from Medicare is cost effective and makes sense.

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