Elderly Home Care Services for Delray Beach: Quality Care Is Key

Elderly Home Health Care Services: Quality Care Is KeyAs people age, it can be more difficult for them to be completely independence. Instead of losing that independence, home health care providers from Boca Home Care can intercede with both personal care and household duties to ensure that your parents can remain in their home independently.

Boca Home Care Services was established in 1998, providing comprehensive individualized home health care to people in Del Ray Beach, Boca Raton and neighboring cities in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Experienced caretakers that provide exceptional quality services is key because you will be assured that your loved one is attended to and cared for properly.

It is important to know that the caregivers (home care aides and certified nursing assistants) are licensed and can handle any type of situation. Boca Home Care Services wants you to know that they can provide services to all people no matter what personal or medical predicament has occurred. Perhaps your loved one has just had surgery, or maybe he or she is suffering from Alzheimer’s. A trained provider from BHCS is going to be able to handle whatever is needed to provide the best care. This includes assessments and consultation, all types of personal and medical care, and information about resources within the community that might also be of help.

If you are aware that your loved one is no longer able to take care of themselves alone and could use some assistance in order to remain in their own comfortable environment, then you can turn to Boca Home Care Services. We will provide an individualized assessment of your loved one’s circumstances so that their needs can be met fully. You can be assured that the transition into home health care will be a satisfying one for both your loved one and yourself. All the equipment that is needed will be made available, and all services will be tailored to your loved one’s needs, as well as all safety precautions met.

You can receive a free consultation by calling 561-989-0611, or you can call the toll free number at 1-877-706-0785. Perhaps you’re aware of an immediate concern that you need addressed, or maybe you’re thinking about future plans for your loved one and want more information. You will be talking to a caring and trusted professional who can answer any questions you might have and provide you with the best solution.

The last thing you want is another person in the household who has not fully assessed what is needed in order to care for your loved one. That is why Boca Home Care Services licensed caregivers are going to be sure a full screening process ensues before an aide ever enters the home. What can you expect out of this screening process?

A physical exam will be provided as well as an interview process. You will be shown state and primary skill certifications as well as necessary insurance requirements including personal liability and auto insurance. Caregivers are CPR certified as well and screened in order to ensure they are a good fit for your loved one’s situation.

Boca Home Care understands how important the matching process is when it comes to the care of your loved one. Therefore, a manager will discuss all of this with you concerning any requests or questions you might have as well as getting a feel for personality matches and of course scheduling. If for some reason you feel that either a change in care needs to be made or a different caregiver needs to be dispatched, they will take care of this for you immediately. To find out more, contact Boca Home Care Services for Del Ray Beach today so that you can get your free consultation. 561-989-0611